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Deep Violet - Comeback

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A word of note... violet may not display corrected on some iDevices due to blue filters used by Apple to make everything look pretty. As such, violets may look more blue than in reality. Please check your desktop (if you have one) to verify colours. If you know what colour violets and irises are, then you're good to go!

110 g (3.9 oz) minimum of Hand-Dyed Comeback Wool Top

Comeback is a Merino cross-breed - it’s soft, easy to spin, and is suitable for wearing next-to-skin.

The Comeback sheep is a type of domestic sheep originating in Australia. This type of sheep results from crossbreds produced by British Longwool sheep and Merinos, which are then mated "back" to Merinos. This cross is made to achieve a fine, yet robust, style of wool. Comeback style wool is also produced by mating back to Bond, Cormo and Polwarth sheep.

Care Instructions: Cold Wash/Air Dry